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More Facts on SD11

A weight-loss products based on soy protein isolote selective and high-grade, soy fiber, fortified with amino acids, vitamins A, B, C, D, E and minerals. SD11 is not a ‘meal replacement’ where we have to go hungry, but it is a ‘meal supplement’ where you have to eat without leaving your daily routine. Thus, while we go through this program, we will not feel tired and look sluggish the next it will give us energy while the fat burning process occurs.
NEW GENERATION FORMULA Enhanced with Alpha Lipid  and Green Tea fat-burning extract.
New technology gives the most effective results in weight loss facilitation.
- Protein Sparing Modified Fast!   Numerous studies in medical has shown the effectiveness of weight loss by using the Protein Sparing Modified Fast. New Image Aplha Lipid Slim Diet 11 programme is based on the concept of the Protein Sparing Modified Fast (PSMF)
Comprehensive blend of isolated non GMO protein (76.3%). fibre, vitamins and  minerals providing:
- 9 essentials amino acids
- 11 Vitamins
- 12 Minerals
How does it works?
Your body has two sourcess of energy
Foods that you eat
Foods that you stored.
When you reduce your carbohydrate intakes (sugars and starched) the body will naturally break down fat for energy
The amount of carbohydrate that triggers the fat breakdown is called your Critical Carbohydrate Level (CCL). When fats break down, ketones are produced and this process is called ketosis.
Ketones are measured on a urine test strip.
This chemical condition is favourable to the fast burning of fat and also prevents revenous hunger.
What are the advantages of this programme?
Work closely with your body’s natural weight loss system safe and effective remedy the cause of weight gain instead of just treating the symptoms.
New hope for the long term weight control, therefore enhanced health and improved well being
Provide you with virtually all the necessary amount of high quality protein, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and essential fatty acids in proper balance “plan with a can”.
Do not cause saggy skin and skin remains firm.
Used up your stores or fats.
Look and feel so much better.
Hunger pangs
Unpleasant side effects associated with other weight loss plans greatly reduced, or totally eliminated.
BEFORE YOU START ON YOUR DIET..Please take a photo of yourself, your current weight and measure yourself.
HOW TO START-you will need
New Image Alpha lipid Slim Diet 11 (sd11)
A shaker
Ketone sticks – urine test strips

Please take note that in this programme, you will need
“1 gram of protein per kilo of your ideal body weight.”
for example
If your current body is 85kg, but your ideal body weight is 70kg, therefore you will need 70g of protein in a day
In this programme you required to take 4 x a day SD11 (2 heaped scoops) wtith 200ml of water that provides 40g of protein. From the above example, you will need to take 30g of protein from your daily foods.
There are NO COMPLICATED RULES to follow and you WILLL GET THE LONG LASTING RESULTS. Its easy as one, two, three….
ONE…… Consume 2 heaped scoops of SD11, 4 times daily. Morning before breakfast, Before Lunch, Before tea and Before dinner. Alternatively, you can take 3 scoops before breakfast, 2 scoops before lunch and 3 scoops before dinner. If you are taking 3 scoops increase the water to 250ml.
TWO…..Before commencing your weight loss programme, spend one day on a cleansing diet to prepare your system by eating only fresh fruits (1st day), vegetables and salad (2nd day)- (only if convenient)
THREE…Avoid Rice, Sugar from your diet,
As it is always the first 3 days of the programme that is most difficult, don’t not worry, just cut down on your Rice and Sugar intake and by the 3rd day your Rice and Sugar intake will decrease naturally (by itself) you will notice that you will be eating less because you are not hungry and as the days go by, you will be eating less and less Rice and Sugar
After your 1st week of diet please use your ketone strips to test your urine for colour as shown in the example below;
Please take your weight and record it. If you like also take a photo of yourself for comparisons
GuideLines for Slim Diet 11 
1.Shake your Slim Diet can before opening. ( Some nutrients tend to settle during shipping)
2.Mix 2 scoops of SD11 in 250ml of water in a shaker 4 times daily.
3.Eat only from food chart.These foods have been carefully chosen to ensure maximum and efficient weight loss. This is recommended to lose weight effectively. Should you find it too difficult to follow as a start, please remind yourself to avoid eating Rice and Sugar and you will discover that after 3 days, you will be eating less as you normally do.
4.You must have 2-4 protein snacks (based on weight target) spread over the day with vegetables (raw or cooked) from the food list. Avoid protein snacks that have a high fat content.
5.Drink two litres of water a day (8 x 250ml glasses of water)
6.Exercise for 30 mins a day. this will help you lose weight even more faster.From Day 2 of starting the Slim Diet, the urine should be checked with the Uriscan. The reading should be on pink (minor or small) for best results. This should be achieved within 48 hours. The urine should be checked first thing in the morning.
Check the urine before the evening meal as well for the first week. If the Ketone reading is too high (large or major), then you are either not drinking enough water or need to increase carbohydrate intake. If the Ketone-reading is too low (nil) then you are having too much carbohydrate.
If you are higher up on the scale, your body can tolerate a little more carbohydrate. Increase your intake slowly, testing your urine every day, until you find your personal Critical Carbohydrate Level (C.C.L.).
For the first few days of the diet, keep your carbohydrate intake to a minimum so you will get into ketosis quickly. Once the body has been in ketosis for a week, you can afford to experiment and find your own critical carbohydrate level (C.C.L.).



  1. What is your eat as normal, taking rice but in small amount compared to normal. What happens then? do you put on extra weight, since we are taking this additional drink into the meal

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